The Ranch

Our ranch consists of 80 acres in the rugged and beautiful Flinthills of Kansas known as the finest grazing land for cattle and horses. We are devoted to breeding classic Arabian horses with superb dispositions and the ability to excel at halter and performance.


Our ranch is conveniently located off of Interstate 70 and US 77. We are about 2 hours from the Kansas City International Airport, 1 hour west of Topeka and 2 hours northeast of Wichita.

The Flinthills

The Flinthills of Kansas is a tall grass prairie stretching as far as the eye can see. Winds play across the landscape creating swaying patterns of wheat and grass that roll on for miles. The Flinthills is one of the last true prairies in North America.


Our bloodlines are the finest available anywhere. They include: Ever After NA, Fame VF, Versace, Echo Manifficoo, DesperadoV, Huckelberry Bey,  Bey El Bey,  Aria Elation, Gazal Al Shaqab, Ali Jamaal, Bask, NYN Hisani, Marwan AL Shaqab and Odyssey SC.